HOW TO save form submission result to database?

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HOW TO save form submission result to database?

Postby goas » Jun 20th, '13, 10:31

If you want to save submitted data to database you can use following:
  • $form->IfSubmitted(); this function will show you, if the form was submitted
  • $form->IsError(); this function will tell if there were any errors
  • $form->GetResultArray(); this function contains form result, checked and filtered

The general way to check submission is following:
if($form->IfSubmitted() && !$form->IsError()) {
... your code is here

IMPORTANT: $form->IsError() works only if called after $form->GetHtml();

Your code will be looked as:

Code: Select all

$form = new FG_Form("name_email_form"); /* create a form */
// add two fields and a submit button to form
$form->AddTextField('name', 'Name')->IsRequired(1);
$form->AddTextField('email', 'E-mail')->IsRequired(1)->IsEmail(1);
$form->AddSubmitButton("go", "submit");
$form->GetHtml(); /* show the form */

// now when a form was submitted and has no errors it can be saved in database
if($form->IfSubmitted() && !$form->IsError()) {   
    $result = $form->GetResultArray(); /* get result array checked and filtered */
    unset($result['go']);  /* delete submit button field from result array */
    mysql_query(query_from_array("some", $result));   /* send query to currently active database */

Used functions:

Code: Select all

// function generates simple insert query from an array
function query_from_array($table_name, array $data){
    $keys = '';
    $values = '';
    foreach($data as $key =>$value){
        $keys .= "$key, ";
        $values .= "'$value', ";
    $keys[strlen($keys) - 2] = ' ';
    $values[strlen($values) - 2] = ' ';
    $query = " insert into '$table_name' ($keys) values ($values)";
    return $query;

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