HOW TO upgrade Calendar in ApPHP AdminPanel?

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HOW TO upgrade Calendar in ApPHP AdminPanel?

Postby administrator » Jan 31st, '13, 12:55

Upgrading of Calendar component is a very simple procedure.
To perform it do following:

1. Unzip the new version of calendar.

2. Replace the content of the directory called modules/calendar/ with the content of new version of Calendar script.

3. Open modules/calendar/inc/connection.php file and comment there following line of code:

Code: Select all


4. Open modules/calendar/ajax/handler.ajax.php and add at the top of the file (above the line require_once('../inc/');)

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define('DB_CONNECTION_MODE', 'production');   
define('DB_PREFIX', _DB_PREFIX);

$config = new Config();
define('DATABASE_HOST', $config->getHost());
define('DATABASE_NAME', $config->getDatabase());
define('DATABASE_USERNAME', $config->getUser());
define('DATABASE_PASSWORD', $config->getPassword());

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