HOW TO use (integrate) AdminPanel with existing site?

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HOW TO use (integrate) AdminPanel with existing site?

Postby administrator » Jul 24th, '09, 10:54

The purpose of AdminPanel is to be used both on new and existing sites.

Using of AdminPanel on new sites is simple and intuitive.

Using of AdminPanel on existing site is a little more complicated.

1. Static Pages.
1.1 The content of all static pages is stored in static_pages table in database, so you can easy use the stored content to be shown on your web-site.
Also you can easy edit the content via WYSIWYG editor via Pager Manager->Static Pages.
If you want to display the content of Static Pages on public part of your site - you need to write some code that will receive data from database
and will show it. Possible example of such code may be found in panel_pages/static_pages.php.

1.2 When you planning your website - you need to define which pages will be "static", it means to be stored in database.

2. Dynamic PHP Pages
2.1 Dynamic PHP Pages generally used for editing standard php pages, both in Administration Panel and public site. PHP AdminPanel allows you
edit these pages online via Pager Manager->Dynamic Pages.

3. DataGrid PHP Pages
3.1 DataGrid PHP Pages generally used for database management. Today almost every site on Web works with large amount of information,
so we need a lot of adding, editing and deleting data. PHP AdminPanel allows you to simplify such work by using embedded DataGrid
component while creating DataGrid Pages.

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