Customized 'edit', 'Detail'-form

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Customized 'edit', 'Detail'-form

Postby vanwim » Sep 9th, '20, 13:54

Seems simple but I can't see how to resolve this.
I have some data and for simplicity we have 20 fields (field_01, field_02, ..., field_20);
Normally if we do not use a kind of template we receive the edit-form in tabular-form. Field-name-description and the field-value, one field per line.
Html produced contains a table with 20 lines, each line with 2 cells, one cell with field(name, description) and one cell with the field-value.
Eventually we can insert blank lines ...
Is it possible to create a customized form where you define the whole layout of the edit-page (in a table, but where you can place more than one fieldname en fieldvalue in a line (<tr>) ?
Can this also be done for details ?
Or is there a way to redirect the edit-button, detail-button to an outer html-page with our proper layout and after hitting the save-button on that page, data insertion into the table and a refresh ? And when a refresh, the cursor returns to the record you requested the edit-option ?


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Re: Customized 'edit', 'Detail'-form

Postby administrator » Sep 11th, '20, 06:52

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