updating operation incomplete - verbose

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updating operation incomplete - verbose

Postby byman » Nov 27th, '21, 00:08

I have a trigger in my my Mariadb table to check data inserted or updated.
I fire an error message using "signal" if the condition is not satisfied.
When I insert or update data with datagrid with condition not satisfied I get the generic error "updating operation incomplete".

I tried the insert update with error condition with HeidiSQL and he shows my trigger message.

I have set
$messaging = true;
and if I set $debug_mode=true I see SQL statement and in the last row my message:
Errors:1) Line: 9835 SQLSTATE[45000]: <>: 1644 IP must terminate with dot

is there a way to get the error message received from database?

thanks in advance

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Site Admin
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Re: updating operation incomplete - verbose

Postby administrator » Dec 3rd, '21, 08:00

What version of DG you work with?
You have to debug following method: protected function UpdateRow()
Try to do this manually to understand what exactly happens

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