Replacing Image Path for Display

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Replacing Image Path for Display

Postby erichhaubrich » Aug 21st, '10, 04:09

I'm trying to display images whose path is stored in my DB like this:

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The image URL that Datagrid puts in the image tag is:

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The actual image URL is:

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This is the current output in Edit Mode:

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<img src="/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/" height="90px" width="120px" title="/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ (265 x 140 - 17.88 Kb)" alt="/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/">

Datagrid is finding the image and reading its size, etc. but it will not display in a browser.

This is how I have the field coded:

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// Image 1
"image1"=>array("header"=>"Main Image", "type"=>"image", "req_type"=>"st", "width"=>"220px", "title"=>"", "readonly"=>"false", "maxlength"=>"-1", "default"=>"", "unique"=>"false", "unique_condition"=>"", "visible"=>"true", "on_js_event"=>"", "target_path"=>"", "max_file_size"=>"2048K", "image_width"=>"120px", "image_height"=>"90px", "resize_image"=>"false", "resize_width"=>"", "resize_height"=>"", "magnify"=>"false", "magnify_type"=>"lightbox", "magnify_power"=>"2", "file_name"=>"", "host"=>"local"),

In a different version I tried using some other string variables to replace the string:

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$pathStrip = "/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/";
$pathNew = "";
$image1Path ="{image1}";
$newPath1 = str_replace($pathStrip, $pathReplace, $ $imagePath1);

Then using

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in the array, but that didn't work either.

I was thinking that I could use str_replace or preg_replace, but I tried both of them in the datagrid and in datagrid.class.php and they didn't seem to work. is there something I can put in target_path, host or another portion of the array that will accomplish this?

What I need to know is how do I remove the '/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/' so that the image displays correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help. There are a lot of smart people on this forum, so I'm hoping you guys will have some ideas. This is a great script and I can't wait to fully deploy it.



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Re: Replacing Image Path for Display

Postby administrator » Aug 22nd, '10, 12:28

create function image_replace(), call it via "on_item_created"=>"image_replace"
and do in this function what you need:

function image_replace($value){
$value = replace ......

Also, get here more info:

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