Shopping Cart Module

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Shopping Cart Module

Postby InsiteFX » Sep 8th, '14, 10:33

Do you have plans to add the Shopping Cart as a Module?

This would be very nice to have.

Also I asked you about this before about adding Database Sessions to the framework,
they are more secure then plain php sessions.

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Re: Shopping Cart Module

Postby administrator » Sep 9th, '14, 05:19

Database saving session was already added, shoppint cart component is planning to be added to Directy in the next version.

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Re: Shopping Cart Module

Postby paragate » Sep 13th, '16, 07:30

Maybe some people have to set customStorage to true,
(if using mamp pro 4 and later you definitely have to)
// Session settings
'session' => array(
'customStorage' => true, /* true value means use a custom storage (database), false - standard storage */
'cacheLimiter' => '', /* to prevent 'Web Page expired' message for POST request use "private,must-revalidate" */
'lifetime' => 24, /* session timeout in minutes, default: 24 min = 1440 sec */

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