HOW TO configure TinyMCE image upload plugin settings?

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HOW TO configure TinyMCE image upload plugin settings?

Postby administrator » Nov 7th, '13, 21:11

ApPHP Restaurant Site used embedded TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor and also imageupload plugin.
This plug require some configuration if depending on where you ApPHP Framework directory is placed.

To check/configure TinyMCE imageupload plugin do following;

1. Open restaurant\js\vendors\tinymce\plugins\imageupload\upload.php file.

2. In this file find following line of code:

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$apphp = dirname(__FILE__).'/'.$baseDir.'framework/Apphp.php';

It's already related to the the framework directory (when framework is placed inside application directory).
If you move framework directory from default place to any other location, change this path to make sure it links to the right place.

3. To block uploading file change $isDemo = false; with $isDemo = true;

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