Tag Video possible to add function

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Tag Video possible to add function

Postby paragate » May 23rd, '17, 09:05

i do some video script and miss the tag where i can put control into like:

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public static function videoTag($tag, $htmlOptions = array(), $content = false, $closeTag = true)
      $html = '<'.$tag.self::_renderAttributes($htmlOptions);
      if($content === false){
         return $closeTag ? $html.' />' : $html.'>';
         return $closeTag ? $html. $content.'></'.$tag.'>' : $html.'>'.$content;

as in $output = CHtml::videoTag('video', array('id' => 'videoPlayer'),' control',true).self::NL;
I have done it myself but do you have or will you put that into Chtml?
i know its only the closing > content (<control>.

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Re: Tag Video possible to add function

Postby administrator » May 24th, '17, 12:40

Good ides, thanks, we'l ladd such tag in the next version.

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