HOW TO force showing invalid data in the form fields?

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HOW TO force showing invalid data in the form fields?

Postby administrator » Oct 18th, '13, 07:51

The DataValidator only responsible for validation of data, so this operation must be done manually by yourself.


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<input type="text" value="<?php echo (isset($_POST['age'])) ? htmlentities($_POST['age']) : '' ?>" name="age">

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Re: HOW TO force showing invalid data in the form fields?

Postby vorn10 » Feb 27th, '19, 18:58

I need to be able to validate certain fields even if they were never touched by the user. Some fields are required, however, at least as I've experienced it so far, a required field is not invalidated on submit: it is only invalidated on blur. So if the user never actually touches a field (or any fields, for that matter), and hits submit, the form will validate successfully and submit, causing server-side validation errors.

My question regarding AngularJS form validation: How do you FORCE the entire form to validate on submission, regardless of whether a user has actually touched any form fields or not?

I have a bunch of forms, and on most forms there are several required fields, as well as fields with min/max and maxlength requirements. If I just build an AngularJS form, apply directives like ng-required, and hit submit, the forms always submit. Nothing stops it.

I need my forms to NOT submit if required fields are empty, regardless of whether the user has actually touched them and left (which is the only way a blur event will fire, and therefor the only way those fields will be validated.)

Using the "disabled" submit button approach is unacceptable for me here.

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