HOW TO localize this script for other languages?

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HOW TO localize this script for other languages?

Postby administrator » May 23rd, '11, 04:34

1. You may easy add (upload) new language. Read here how to do this:

2. These translations are also suitable for other scripts (only relevant constants will be translated).

3. Here you can find some localizations, prepared by our members. Please remember, that there are always new additions to vocabulary (every time we release new version), so after you add this localization, check if there are still some non-translated words and phrases and translate them manually.

These translations are valid for both Hotel Site and uHotelBooking scripts.

1. Greek: (provided by panosdelpaso)
(28.1 KiB) Downloaded 97 times

2. Danish: (provided by Bjarne Kallesø)
(12.39 KiB) Downloaded 310 times

3. Dutch:
(18.55 KiB) Downloaded 258 times

4. French: (provided by Darnell Astor)
(22.34 KiB) Downloaded 463 times

5. German: (provided by paulstaff)
(13.25 KiB) Downloaded 445 times

6. Italian:
(18.01 KiB) Downloaded 375 times

7. Portuguese/Portugal: (provided by contactovisual)
(21.12 KiB) Downloaded 292 times

8. Russian: (provided by Ruslan Kozimov)
(23 KiB) Downloaded 392 times

9. Swedish:
(18.78 KiB) Downloaded 229 times

10. Turkish: (provided by panosdelpaso)
(22.1 KiB) Downloaded 99 times

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