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Posted: Nov 20th, '11, 21:10
by kuppers
I have 3 php files; one with the tab template and two with the code executed in tab 1 and tab 2.
How can I use a variable CREATED in tab 1 in tab 2?

Re: Submit variable

Posted: Nov 21st, '11, 08:21
by administrator
Do you mean how can you use variable created in 1st tabs in other tabs?
You cannot, if this file was not included in your main file.

There is only one solution: use session variables to pass needed value between tabs.

Re: Submit variable

Posted: Nov 13th, '13, 11:17
by abid.ali
I just installed and see that the .css file is now called style.css.

I'd like to remove the spacing between the tabs too but don't know how to do this within the style.css file?

Thank you...

Re: Submit variable

Posted: Nov 14th, '13, 08:19
by administrator
For each style you have a sub-directory in styles folder.
Open file, called style.class from the directory related to the style you need, then find there following:
(for example for "black" style)

Code: Select all

.Tabs__MainDiv_black .Tabs__Element,
.Tabs__MainDiv_black .Tabs__Dropdown .Tabs__Element
    margin-left: 5px;

and remove margin-left: 5px;

Re: Submit variable

Posted: Dec 2nd, '13, 07:50
by luckyboy123
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Re: Submit variable

Posted: Dec 25th, '17, 03:49
by Genforst
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