Tabs & Datagrid

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Tabs & Datagrid

Postby STEPH80 » Aug 18th, '11, 22:33


Is it possible to post an example with the uses of datagrid into a tab ? I'm trying to do it unsuccessfully.

A page with 1 Tab (or more) and the content is a PHP file with a datagrid. In my case I'm obliged to change the current directory in the page with datagrid (because the getcwd() return xxxxxxxx/PHPTABS_311/inc) and no JS functions are running.

Thanks in advance for your support and sorry for my bad english,


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Re: Tabs & Datagrid

Postby administrator » Aug 21st, '11, 08:07

if(!defined('TABS_DIR')) define ("TABS_DIR","");
$tabs = new Tabs();

$linediagnostics=$tabs->AddTab("Diagnostic Information","test1.php?id=1");
$linetests=$tabs->AddTab("Diagnostic Tests","test2.php?id=2");
$devicemanagement=$tabs->AddTab("Device Management","test3.php?id=3");


DATA GRID CODE may be placed in test1.php or test2.php file etc.

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