ApPHP Calendar integration with transport booking system

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ApPHP Calendar integration with transport booking system

Postby sureshaura » Nov 18th, '16, 14:46

I am interested in this calendar, but before I buy, would like to confirm or clarify few doubts.

==> I have my own booking system and MySQL database. I would like to use this calendar to visualize my bookings in calendar. Does this calendar allow integrating it with my system and removing calendar's login and logout functionality and using my system's login and logout as universal ??

==> What framework is being used for this calendar, My framework in zend framework ??

==> What type of support you provide for this calendar's customers ??

==> Does this calendar accept values from my booking system's MySQL database to visualize ?? or I have to specifically enter values using calendar's admin panel to show my booking ??

Any early response is highly appreciated. I also drop you a message on codecanyon but did not hear anything from your team in last 24 hours.

Hope to get response from this forum

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