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HOW TO copy existing datagrid pages to PHP AdminPanel?

Posted: Aug 28th, '09, 10:19
by administrator
You need to perform next steps:

1. Create an appropriate menu option with the page name exactly as your existing datagrid page. ... enu_Option

2. Copy your existing datagrid page to the folder, named pages/

3. Insert at the top of the page

4. Write valid path to each of these constants:
define ("DATAGRID_DIR", "<DATAGRID_DIR>"); /* Ex.: "datagrid/" */
define ("PEAR_DIR", "<DATAGRID_DIR>pear/"); /* Ex.: "datagrid/pear/" */

5. Write valid database connection parameters.
$result_conn = $db_conn->connect(DB::parseDSN('mysql://'.$DB_USER.':'.$DB_PASS.'@'.$DB_HOST.'/'.$DB_NAME));
if(DB::isError($result_conn)){ die($result_conn->getDebugInfo()); }

6. Check another paths, you may use. For example for images etc.

That is all!