HOW TO show static pages in my own public site (template)

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HOW TO show static pages in my own public site (template)

Postby administrator » Mar 17th, '11, 12:35

Public static pages may be accessed via

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http://{your site}/{adminpanel directory}/public/static.php?page=XX

where XX is a static page ID

If working with public pages in Back-End directory is not suitable for you and you want to place it on your Front-End, follow the instructions below:

1. Copy & paste static.php into required directory on your Front-End

2. Rename this file according to your needs.

3. Change paths following command according to the new location.

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define("AP_PATH", "../"); // relative path to your admin panel directory

Leave the rest of the code intact.

3. Change HTML code to make it relevant with your site's template.
Remember to leave on appropriate code holder, like {SITE_NAME}, {TITLE} etc.

4. Create a PUBLIC static page (in Edit mode set for Allow Public Access? True value)

5. Test access to your page via browser with following URL (example):

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That's all!

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