HOW TO to create new styles or modify existing?

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HOW TO to create new styles or modify existing?

Postby administrator » Jul 26th, '10, 12:15

To create new style you have to perform following steps:

1. Open "styles" folder and create there new folder and call it according to new style name. For example: "new_style"

2. Admin Panel automatically scans "styles" folder, so go to General -> Panel Settings -> Visual Settings and select from Panel CSS Style dropdown new style, then save the changes.

3. Open new_style/ folder, that and created there 3 css styles: style.css, top_menu.css and menu.css
style.css - for common css styles,
top_menu.css - for top menu panel
menu.css - for left menu panel

To edit existing style:

1. Open appropriate sub-folder in "styles" folder and perform required changed in one of the following css files: style.css, top_menu.css or menu.css

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