Using links through POST, not GET (view mode)

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Using links through POST, not GET (view mode)

Postby lambro » Dec 21st, '10, 08:47

...i.e., passing parameters not through the url address.

Hi admin, I've been working with ApPHP for quite some times now, and I would like to share some stuff I've been using recently...
Reading and, I've come upon the need to pass parameters through POST method via links.

Of course if the topic has already been covered somewhere else in the forum, then shame on me :oops: !!!
Still, by combining the two technics depicted above, one can do the following :
USING Datagrid Pro 6.4.1, $dgrid->SetPostBackMethod("POST"); (doesn't matter, I only use view mode here)
#1 create an image link field in the SELECT statement.

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'<img src=\"images/CART.png\" alt=\"Cart\" width=\"35\" height=\"35\">' as btnaj,

#2 I don't even need to uncomment and describe the passing parameters with:

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##  *** set variables that used to get access to the page (like: my_page.php?act=34&id=56 etc.)
    ## +-- Passing parameters & setting up other DataGrids ------------------------+
    // $http_get_vars = array("idoc", "namdoc", "ldoc", "verdoc");
    // $dgrid->SetHttpGetVars($http_get_vars);

#3 In the view mode section ( haven't tried with add/edit/detail mode... yet) I describe my parameters the usual way :

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$vm_columns = array(
   "id_prod"=>array("header"=>"id_doc", "type"=>"label","align"=>"left", "width"=>"15%", "wrap"=>"nowrap",
                                  "text_length"=>"4", "tooltip"=>"true", "tooltip_type"=>"simple", "case"=>"normal", "summarize"=>"false", 
                                  "sort_type"=>"numeric", "sort_by"=>"", "visible"=>"false", "on_js_event"=>""),
   "nom_doc"=>array("header"=>$chaine["name"], "type"=>"label","align"=>"left", "width"=>"20%", "wrap"=>"nowrap", 
                                   "text_length"=>"30", "tooltip"=>"true", "tooltip_type"=>"floating", "case"=>"normal",
                                     "summarize"=>"false", "sort_type"=>"string", "sort_by"=>"", "visible"=>"true", "on_js_event"=>""),
   "version_doc"=>array("header"=>"version", "type"=>"label","align"=>"left", "width"=>"5%", "wrap"=>"nowrap",
                                      "text_length"=>"30", "tooltip"=>"true", "tooltip_type"=>"floating", "case"=>"normal",
                                       "summarize"=>"false", "sort_type"=>"string", "sort_by"=>"", "visible"=>"true", "on_js_event"=>""),
   "tag" =>array("header"=>$chaine["prev"], "type"=>"link","align"=>"center", "width"=>"10%", "tooltip"=>"true", 
                       "field_key"=>"tag", "field_data"=>"tag",
                "rel"=>"", "title"=>$chaine["prev"], "target"=>"_self","href"=>"javascript:void(0)"),
      "language"=>array("header"=>$chaine['langue'], "type"=>"label", "align"=>"left", "width"=>"15%", "wrap"=>"nowrap",
                               "text_length"=>"12", "tooltip"=>"true", "tooltip_type"=>"floating", "case"=>"normal", "summarize"=>"false",
                                "sort_type"=>"string", "sort_by"=>"", "visible"=>"true", "on_js_event"=>""),
      "price"=>array("header"=>$chaine['prix'], "type"=>"label", "align"=>"left", "width"=>"15%", "wrap"=>"nowrap",
                           "text_length"=>"5", "tooltip"=>"true", "tooltip_type"=>"floating", "case"=>"normal", "summarize"=>"false",
                            "sort_type"=>"string", "sort_by"=>"", "visible"=>"true", "on_js_event"=>""),

            "btnaj" =>array("header"=>$chaine["addto"], "type"=>"link", "align"=>"center", "width"=>"10%", "tooltip"=>"true", 
                      "field_key"=>"btnaj", "field_data"=>"btnaj",
                      "rel"=>"", "title"=>$chaine["addto"], "target"=>"","href"=>"javascript:void(0)",
"on_js_event"=>"onclick = postwith('index.php'{template:'php/select_prod.php',idoc:'{1}',namdoc:'{2}',ldoc:'{3}',verdoc:'{4}'})")   

As you can see, the "tag" column is a link that uses a "url based" passing parameters strategy, whereas the "btnaj" uses a javascript function : it is this one that does the POSTING.

I found it here :, and I am very grateful to M. Peter Finch for that simple but powerfull piece of code :

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// Fonction qui génère un POST en javascript. Remplace un window.location.replace. Très utile.
function postwith (to,p) {
   var myForm = document.createElement("form");
   myForm.method="post" ;
   myForm.action = to ;
      for (var k in p) {
         var myInput = document.createElement("input") ;
         myInput.setAttribute("name", k) ;
         myInput.setAttribute("value", p[k]);
         myForm.appendChild(myInput) ;
   document.body.appendChild(myForm) ;
   myForm.submit() ;
   document.body.removeChild(myForm) ;

This will do the trick. For this example, the called page url will end up in 'index.php' and a print_r($_POST); report will display, among other parameters if needed :

Code: Select all

  [template] => php/select_prod.php
    [idoc] => 2
    [namdoc] => A70UG006
    [ldoc] => FR
    [verdoc] => 0796

This will help me a lot, so if you think it may be of use to anyone, or if corrections are needed, please share and tell !! @+

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