Image field saved as BLOB

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Image field saved as BLOB

Postby reggiepr » Mar 26th, '13, 22:38

Your [HOW TO allow saving and downloading of BLOB files?] ( seems to suggest that we can have a Field of type image that allow to save the file in a BLOB field of a MySQL database.
2. Define these fields in your "file/image" field in a following way:
"save_as"=>"blob", "blob_filetype"=>"blob_type", "blob_filename"=>"blob_name", "blob_filesize"=>"blob_size"

However, the combination does not work. Why does the following code doesnt work in edit/details mode:

Code: Select all

'logopic'=>array('header'=>'Logo', 'type'=>'image',      'align'=>'left', 'wrap'=>'wrap', 'text_length'=>'-1', 'tooltip'=>'false', 'tooltip_type'=>'floating', 'case'=>'normal', 'visible'=>'true', 'on_js_event'=>'',"image_width"=>"50px", "image_height"=>"50px", "linkto"=>"","resize_image"=>"true", "resize_width"=>"640px", "resize_height"=>"","allow_downloading"=>"true", "magnify"=>"true", "magnify_type"=>"lightbox", "magnify_power"=>"3","save_as"=>"blob","blob_filetype"=>"blob_type", "blob_filename"=>"blob_name", "blob_filesize"=>"blob_size"), 

It only works if I use the type=file. I need the image type behavior but with saving in the database instead of the file system.

Any suggestion?

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Re: Image field saved as BLOB

Postby administrator » Mar 27th, '13, 12:11

Unfortunately such feature doesn't exist, it works for "file" type only.

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