One filter for two data grids?

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One filter for two data grids?

Postby nkd » Apr 3rd, '13, 09:33

I have two datagrids in the same webpage. Both of them display records from the same table but one displays records that have status=0 and the other the ones that have status=1.

Is is possible to use one filter to be applied to both data grids? I want the top datagrid to have a filter and that filter to be used for both datagrids. I figured I could to this manually using a GET variable and altering the sql for each data grid but probably theres a better way (using the included filter functionality).

What should I do?

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Re: One filter for two data grids?

Postby administrator » Apr 4th, '13, 07:25

It's possible only if you use it for 1st datagrid only and apply filter data manually for the 2nd datagrid.
I mean to retrieve the data and insert it directly to SELECT SQL in View Mode.

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