Notice: Use of undefined constant PHP_SELF

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Notice: Use of undefined constant PHP_SELF

Postby Rayhendler » Oct 18th, '16, 09:01

Notice: Use of undefined constant PHP_SELF - assumed 'PHP_SELF' in C:\xampp4\htdocs\fb2\dataform.class.php on line 208
Running the two demo forms worked but showed the above error twice.
I have gotten to the stage of renaming code_template.php - running also getting this same error.

In addition
Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::tableInfo() in C:\xampp4\htdocs\fb2\dataform.class.php on line 1634
I hope my connection is correct, un-commented the following;

## === (Examples of connections to other db types see in "docs/pear/" folder)
$db_conn = DB::factory('mysql'); /* don't forget to change on appropriate db type */
$result_conn = $db_conn->connect(DB::parseDSN('mysql://'.$DB_USER.':'.$DB_PASS.'@'.$DB_HOST.'/'.$DB_NAME));
if(DB::isError($result_conn)){ die($result_conn->getDebugInfo()); }
## *** set needed options and create a new class instance
$debug_mode = false; /* display SQL statements while processing */
$messaging = true; /* display system messages on a screen */
$unique_prefix = "abc_"; /* prevent overlays - must be started with a letter */
$dform = new DataForm($debug_mode, $messaging, $unique_prefix, DATAFORM_DIR);
## *** set encoding and collation (default: utf8/utf8_unicode_ci)

or is this another discussion?

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Re: Notice: Use of undefined constant PHP_SELF

Postby administrator » Oct 19th, '16, 12:15

What version of dataform do you work with?

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