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Row Count

Posted: Aug 6th, '14, 15:05
by mxrachell
Hi, recently I tried to show/hide fields and after a few tries finally worked out that code. But I found something that concerned me, on Edit mode, I can see the row count of every table row / field that I put on that mode. But on Add mode I canĀ“t, Why is this happend?

Re: Row Count

Posted: Aug 7th, '14, 05:29
by administrator

$rows_numeration = false;
$numeration_sign = 'N #';
$dropdown_paging = false;
$dgrid->AllowPaging($paging_option, $rows_numeration, $numeration_sign, $dropdown_paging);

Re: Row Count

Posted: Aug 30th, '17, 15:06
by eifeldude
How can I reverse the

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ascending to descending. thanks

Re: Row Count

Posted: Aug 31st, '17, 10:19
by ne_moj

$rows_numeration can only have 2 values "true" and "false"

Re: Row Count

Posted: Apr 26th, '18, 10:39
by Jonathanzz
I think that this question is very good.