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by administrator
May 29th, '20, 08:34
Forum: JS Auto Form Validator
Topic: Error Placement
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Re: Error Placement

Yes, we'll implement such option in the next version in few days.
Simply define:

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var fifth_parameter = "singleError";


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by administrator
May 15th, '20, 08:04
Forum: uBidAuction {developers/users}
Topic: Listing Fees...
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Re: Listing Fees...

by administrator
May 8th, '20, 14:36
Forum: ApPHP Restaurant Site {developers/users}
Topic: Social Networks
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Re: Social Networks

It's not implemented in this template.
by administrator
May 8th, '20, 14:34
Forum: ApPHP Medical Appointment / uDoctorAppointment Talk {developers/users}
Topic: Home page
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Re: Home page

It's not implemented in this template.
The homepage is handled by this file:
by administrator
May 8th, '20, 14:24
Forum: ApPHP ContactForm
Topic: Add provision for uploading an attachment
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Re: Add provision for uploading an attachment

Yes, you may add it by yourself.
by administrator
May 8th, '20, 14:22
Forum: Settings: CSS styles
Topic: Fixed columns
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Re: Fixed columns

You must check that width of all columns = 100% Also, you may define via CSS for all TABLE > TD following rule: width: XXXpx; white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; Look here:
by administrator
May 2nd, '20, 15:53
Forum: ApPHP DataGrid {HOW TO}
Topic: HOW TO resolve ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY issue?
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HOW TO resolve ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY issue?

From MySQL 5.7 ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY by default is turned on and it may lead to some unexpected behavioral of your script and show error. Lets see why it happens. For example we have following table "dates": id name date 1 Jon Snow 2013-12-12 2 Jon Snow 2013-12-13 3 Daenerys Targaryen 2013-12...
by administrator
May 1st, '20, 20:18
Forum: ApPHP Shopping Cart Talk {developers/users}
Topic: Floating Price Update does not work
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Re: Floating Price Update does not work

Here the fix. We also added it to the script: 1. Open framework\helpers\widgets\CDataForm.php 2. Find case 'float': $format_sample = ($validationFormat == 'european') ? '1234,00' : '1234.00'; $htmlOptions['data-validation'] = 'number'; $htmlOptions['data-validation-allowing'] = 'float,negative'; $ht...

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